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Upcoming CS Talks

Wednesday, 07.02.2018

Synthesis, Verification and Optimization for Stochastic Hybrid Games

Speaker: Kim G. Larsen, Aalborg University

When: 5 pm-6 pm Where: Raiffeisen Lecture Hall, IST Austria





CS Talks Archive

Tuesday, 12.12.2017

Learning to understand dynamics scenes

Speaker: Laura Leal-Taixe , TUM

When: 1 pm-2 pm Where: Mondi 2, IST Austria


Tuesday, 30.11.2017

Probabilistic and Deep Models for 3D Reconstruction

Speaker: Andreas Geiger, ETH Zurich

When: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm         Where: Mondi 2, IST Austria


Wednesday, 18.10.2017

The Automated-Reasoning Revolution: From Theory to Practice and Back

Speaker: Moshe Vardi, Rice University

When: 1 pm- 2 pm          Where: Mondi 2, IST Austria


Tuesday, 17.10.2017

Program Obfuscation, and the Quest for Cryptography’s Holy Grail

Speaker: Vinod Vaikuntanathan, MIT

When: 1 pm -2 pm         Where: Mondi 2, IST Austria


Thuesday, 26.9.2017

Machine Learning for Programming

Speaker: Veselin Raychev , ETH Zürich

When: 5 pm – 6 pm         Where: Mondi 2, Central Builing, Ground floor at IST Austria